About VM Money Transfer Services

VM Money Transfer is the money transfer service established by VMBS Money Transfer Services Limited (VMTS) to enable the transfer of money from the UK, Canada and the USA to Jamaica.

In the UK
As of 1st July 2014, VM Money Transfer services are provided by any RIA Money Transfer Agent.

In Canada
VM Money Transfer services are provided by VMBS Overseas (Canada) Limited, incorporated in Canada and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Victoria Mutual Building Society.

In the USA
VM Money Transfer services are provided by Envios Abreu y Collado Inc. dba RemesAgil which is licensed in the states of New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. RemesAgil is a leading provider of money transfer services to the Dominican Republic and the rest of the world, and operates through its offices in NY and over 200 agents throughout its licensed footprint.

Online Money Transfer

In 38 countries throughout the world, VM Money Transfer services are available online through XOOM, VM Money Transfer’s exclusive online money transfer partner. Customers can seamlessly transfer funds to Jamaica through the website.

What Makes VM Money Transfer Better?

The demand for money transfer services to Jamaica is increasing and VM Money Transfer offers customers the most direct way to transfer money to Jamaica. We are always working to improve the VM Money Transfer service, and recent improvements include:

  • Expanding agents in the UK and in Jamaica (we’ve already appointed 25 NEW agents in Jamaica!).
  • Providing more options for disbursements (online and offline) – we already have the most options of ANY money transfer service:
    • Direct Cash – through any VMBS branch or VM Money Transfer agent.
    • Direct to Account in Jamaica (bank, credit union, building society or asset management firm)
    • Direct Bill Payment of many of your bills in Jamaica.
  • Calling or texting the recipient (free!) to let them know their money is here.
  • Immediate delivery.
  • The best customer service in the industry.

How Does VM Money Transfer Work?

  1. Customers can visit VM Money Transfer offices or agents overseas, or go online to to initiate transactions.
  2. The customer tells us who they are, who the recipient is and how much they want to send.
  3. We tell them (instantaneously) what the fees are, and how much money the recipient will receive in Jamaican currency.
  4. Once approved and funded by the customer, the transaction is completed and the money is instantaneously available to the recipient!
  5. We notify every recipient that their money is here and tell them how they can receive it. They simply provide us or our agents with appropriate identification and receive their funds. It’s that simple!
  6. Direct to Account and Direct Bill Payment transactions are automatically dispatched as soon as they are received.

All in all, VM Money Transfer represents the most technologically advanced, convenient and easy to use money transfer service. As an agent the system is a breeze to use, and provides you with detailed reports for all your transactions and profits. VM Money Transfer is provided in compliance with international and national laws and regulations, including those designed to detect and prevent the use of money transfer services to effect money laundering or support terrorism. VM Money Transfer screens all transactions and may reject without reason any transaction. For more information, please see the Terms and Conditions of Service.